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No one is invulnerable.  No one can cope with EVERYTHING. You are NOT ALONE.

Especially at this time of year pressure and stresses can feel like they are mounting.  Trying to get everything done in time for the Christmas and New Year Celebrations often sends people into a panic.  When relatives are due to arrive or keeping special arrangements for the kids secret so that they have a fantastic special day.  Sometimes even the financial stress – spending lots of money OR not having much money and feeling the pressure to provide, can cause people to focus more sharply on the success of their lives or  highlight feelings of failure.

I’m not trying to bring you down.  A person who was important to me passed away yesterday and leaves behind a family of loving people who “never saw this coming”.  The impact on them is profound.

YOU ARE NOT ALONE – One of the hardest things to do is to admit that you’ve hit a bump in the road and ASK FOR HELP.  It’s important that you don’t stop asking for help – KEEP ASKING UNTIL YOU FIND IT.  Sometimes help needs to come from an outside source and sometimes the love and understanding of friends and family can be enough to help you get through.  It doesn’t magically solve the problem overnight but with the right assistance there is hope and help.

Holding hands


From a personal perspective the most important part of ANY DAY OF THE YEAR is having my family and friends around me and taking any opportunity I have to make sure they know how important they are to me.  I have learnt to ask for help and it isn’t easy.  My thoughts go out to my friend’s loved ones at this time and I am looking forward to having my family and friends around to celebrate Christmas, catch up with the gossip and share the prospect of a wonderful coming year.

Lots of warm wishes to all of you