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A good warmup should be an integral part of any workout.

CLEAR YOUR MIND!!! Put everything aside for a few minutes. Think about what your goals for this workout are. Think about how you will feel when you reach the end of your workout – focussing on the outcome helps you to reach it.

Be patient and allow 7-10 minutes to warm up – this allows your blood vessels to open up and carry more oxygen to be carried around your body.
Start your workouts with low intensity cardiovascular activity (you are still able to talk comfortably)

If your heart rate increases too quickly you will find it hard to get into your workout – simply because your body was not prepared for the sudden increase in load that you are trying to put on it.

Think “Whole Body” Warm up all parts of your body (eg: Walk forwards and backwards, do lunges, side lunges, grapevines perhaps some step ups, press ups and torso twists)

More muscles will be “warmed up” than if you sat on a bike. Taking muscles through their range of motion before being placed under “load” also decreases the risk of injury


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