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Hi Folks,

Isn’t it nice to have the sun for a little longer every day now.

September is a glimpse of the warmer weather that is on its way but its also time for the last of the winter weather to have a parting shot at us.

It’s not surprising that a large number of people become unwell at this time of year – there is a tendancy to be caught unawares.  The temperatures fluctuate, the weather conditions are changeable and for some their bodies are a little less than optimal after winter so the immune system is susceptible to colds, digestive issues and other little nasties that we would normally shake off quite easily.

If you are feeling a little unwell – LISTEN TO YOUR BODY.   Its letting you know it needs some attention.  Keep  up  your fluids.  Pay attention to what you are eating and when.  You may find that an occasional early night will leave you feeling more refreshed and re-energised than usual.

If your exercise regime over winter has waned then now is the time to add some fresh air to your day.  Start with simple changes and build from there.  Just getting out of your chair will help.  Try to add a brisk walk or a jog, dust off your bike and kick the tyres.  Try something new to kick your head into gear – what about a swim, go rollerskating, try 10-pin bowling.

Bring on Summer