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  • Are you grumpy more often than usual
  • Do small irritations push you over the edge.
  • Do you dread getting out of bed
  • Is your concentration failing you – making mistakes at work or at home in relatively routine tasks

Lack of good quality sleep may be the issue.  

It’s not unusual at this time of the year for people to experience elevated levels of fatigue and an inability to effectively handle their normal life stresses and their regular routine.  It’s not too early for the Christmas Rush to start (Shops this year started advertising in October)

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The number of hours of sleep is NOT the problem, what’s needed is good quality rest so your body can recuperate.  Even a short period of restful sleep in the afternoon can produce immediate results and help you get through the remainder of your day.  Falling into a relaxed and deep sleep can be difficult for some and there are plenty of distractions that supercharge the activity in our brains so much that we cannot “slow down” enough to drop off.

Some simple changes before bed can really pay off – I’ve uploaded a list of ideas that you may find helpful  – – Wishing you a relaxing night’s rest

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