Personal Fitness LTD

  1. Swap the overeating on five days for one day only
  2. Swap a plate full of food for tasting everything – 90% of the taste is experienced in the first mouthful.
  3. Set some small goals regarding your Christmas eating patterns and reward yourself for achieving them (no edible rewards – try something active – a walk in your favourite place or a game of 10-pin bowling
  4. Swap greasy hors d’oerves for fresh ones.  Try raw vegetables instead of sausage rolls, Goat’s cheese instead of Brie or Blue cheese, unroasted unsalted nuts instead of premixed salted varieties, toasted pita bread instead of potato crisps
  5. Try some Social Interaction – when you’re feeling drained or stressed – pick up the phone and arrange some catch up time with a friend – go for a walk in the park, a round of golf or catch up for coffee instead of reaching for the cheesecake, biscuits or muffins.
  6. Remember its summer – we don’t need a traditional heavy winter meal because we are lucky enough to be celebrating the summer and the heat.  Barbecued vegetables look fantastic and drizzled with olive oil and decorated with cucumber slices or lemon wedges are visibly inviting
  7. Don’t panic about eating everything in front of you – It’s not about waste or stuffing yourself silly its about sharing some quality time with your family and truly enjoying your meal – dish a smaller portion and eat at a relaxed pace while connecting with your loved ones
  8. Yes you CAN have that alcoholic treat but how about after every glass swap the next for water and use a smaller glass for your drinks