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Here it is with 1 more sleep to go before a whole new year begins.

Now is a great time to reflect on what we set out to do at the beginning of the year that may have escaped us in the time in between.  Yes!!! I have a few of these too.  Re-evaluate how important these things that “didn’t happen” are in the grand scheme of things.  Is it something we need to grumble at ourselves over or did these things not get done because they weren’t all that important after all

OK so there are bound to be some things that we procrastinated simply because they seemed too hard at the time – either in the time commitment required or they were going to take us well and truly out of our comfort zone.  THESE ARE THE BEST KIND.                                                                               

True independance and self confidence comes from tackling these goals  and NOT STOPPING until it is done.  Tick it off and move on.

There are going to be a few that we blitzed through and can pat ourselves comfortably on the back for – congratulations well done!!!

Here’s a challenge for the New Year – yes 2015 will be here very soon – write down 5 goals for the 2015 year into your calendar/diary  ALSO  write these onto a piece of paper and place in an envelope and give to a close friend with “Open 30 December 2015” on the front.

As always if I can help you to get started on your health and fitness goals please don’t hesitate to contact me    Copy of motivational poster