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One of the most important things in life is to keep your reality fresh.

It’s a great way to challenge yourself – allow yourself to make progressive changes not only in your life path but also in your fitness journey.  Isn’t it wonderful how


Every time I have a workout I feel better about my abilities – Yes there’s the inevitable fatigue that goes along with it (and the muscle burn that lets you know you’re pushing yourself) but a good workout clears my head, warms up my muscles and revs up my resolve to attack the remainder of the day with gusto.

Last weekend I went to a training course in Queenstown run by Rehab Trainer Ulrik Larsen.  It was a single day of honing skills in detecting problematic movement patterns and considering how to approach the 5 main muscle imbalances that most clients suffer from.  It was a great confirmation of the work I am already doing and gave me some valuable tools to use in working with my clients.  A new perspective and a new approach – I came away feeling refreshed and re-energised.  Just like a good workout.Practitioner

Over the next while I will have a fresh look at clients during sessions to evaluate the methods we are currently using.