Personal Fitness LTD

One of the hardest things to do is to begin something new.  Most people dislike changes in their established routines whether it be at work, with changes in the structure or performance criteria of a job description, or at home, with growing children who become teenagers or the introduction of a new member to the family routine.

It is important that you recognise the significance of the decision you have made to:

  • Take up Personal Training
  • Join a Gym
  • Join an exercise club – Hiking, Cycling, Running, Swimming
  • Take that extra walk with the dog

and so on.

Check out your local community and don’t be afraid to ask questions – there are lots of wonderful people that are prepared to help and support you.  Keep in mind that there are no stupid questions and, if you need to ask for an explanation, make sure you keep asking until you find someone who will give you the information you need.

If you are uncertain about how to take your first steps or how to set your first goals please CONTACT ME.

Blaze Personal Fitness is a small, personal training studio with clients enjoying:

  • Personal Training Sessions
  • Supervised and unsupervised gym workouts
  • Classes with small numbers of participants
  • Vibration Training
  • Total Gym Resistance Training
  • Referral service to other Fitness Professionals
    • Physiotherapist
    • Doctors
    • Massage Therapist
    • Podiatrist
    • Hypnotherapist
    • Other Group exercise specialists