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This week we’ve been talking about making food preparation simple and fast – especially important for those of us who have filled our lives with lots of activity and commitments.

1.     Take a moment each week to plan your meals for the next week.
a.      Try posting this plan on your refrigerator – you will see it when you go to get   something to eat.
b.     Use this as your shopping list so you have all the ingredients you need for your meals

2.     When you return home from shopping portion your meat/chicken/fish into serving sized pieces (either individual   or family amounts) and bag straight up before freezing. This can eliminate the need to prepare large sized meals simply because the meat is a solid block, your portion is ready and waiting for you.

3.     Spend a few moments chopping up raw vegetables, slice cold meat, cheese, fruit etc. Pack these into airtight canisters and store in the fridge. If you get home late and need a meal in a rush you have a custom made salad just waiting for you. Add a small can of tuna or some shredded chicken and you’re done.

4.     If you’ve chopped your cauliflower, broccoli, carrots into small pieces a quick stir fry is moments away.

5.     When you dish your meals up at night if there are left-overs (this should now be minimal) combine them in an interesting way and pack into an appropriately sized container – LUNCH TOMORROW DONE!!!

A feast for our eyes

A feast for our eyes

No matter which method you use make sure you spend the time to make your meals LOOK GREAT.

Eat slowly and enjoy every mouthful.

Make even quick meals an experience.