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Crossing  a wide river or chasm is difficult unless you can walk on water or fly.  We need the help of some kind of bridge to ensure our safe crossing to the other side.  Simple stepping stones or a plank can be ideal to cross simple obstacles but quite often something more substantial is needed.

Its the same with your journey to improved health / greater fitness and healthy weightloss.   There are millions of entries on Google that you can search but even the most successful search cannot do it for you.  You still have to defeat that obstacle by taking action.  Step by step is, of course, the way.

Arm yourself with information.  Seek the help of qualified professionals and formulate an action plan – here are your foundations.  The timber/steel part of your construction is the network of friends, workmates, acquaintances and family that are part of your life.  Explain your action plan to them and give them the opportunity to step up to support you.  People can surprise you with their understanding and assistance when you need it the most.  I am positive you can find someone who:

  • Can look after the kids while you go for a run – supportive husbands are great for this
  • Help you with the shopping so you don’t get “tempted” in the supermarket
  • Is available to go for a walk with you (catch up, have a chat, exercise, enjoy the sun)
  • Is willing to become your workout partner – the synergy of both goals and supporting each other can add to an existing friendship and allow you to learn a lot about who each of you is while smashing through your goals
  • Can help you to stay positive when the going gets tough – and it does sometimes.

Image result for four people crossing a bridge

What ties it all together is the initial plan you made and sticking to it.  Achievable steps taken one at a time – your support group will help you make it to the other side but you control the throttle.


If you would like help making a plan and getting started – CONTACT ME