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Hi folks me again.

I’ve been chatting to clients regarding fat/weight loss and their goals.   Vegetarians are not exempt from issues caused by their eating plan so I’ve uploaded a resource into the downloads page and I’ve attached a link here for you to see what I found out. It’s by no means exhaustive just designed to start some thinking.

Vegetarians and weight loss

Happy Reading

I’ve been lucky and never really had a sweet tooth. Chocolate, icecream, cookies and sweets neverchocoholic really enticed me.  I’ve had my self righteous moments whilst crunching on fruit about my healthy choices and doing great things for my body.

Thanks to a lovely client of mine I had another look at the recommended intake levels for sugar, especially since the World Health Organisation has recently documented their revision for sugar intake.

Here’s some information I collated to help you with the basics – A lot of it was familiar to me but it certainly made me take another look at my sugar levels.


This week’s 20 week Challenge Newsletter was full of great useful advice as usual but one of the articles made me stop and think.

Laziness :  The dictionary describes this as a disinclination to activity or exertion despite having the ability to do so and is accompanied by images of people asleep on couch or holding the dog’s lead as you drive down the road.

Catching some zzzz

Procrastination is the practice of carrying out less urgent tasks in preference to more urgent ones, or doing more pleasurable things in place of less pleasurable ones.

With Laziness there is the general attitude of “I don’t want to do it” ,  whilst a procrastinator may still be extremely active but showing little progress in spite of all the effort he/she is putting into action.

Procrastinators often have factors such as self worth, self confidence/belief  or often a problem in formulating a plan of attack to achieve the task.  Their knowledge that they MUST do something eg: Lower their blood pressure, lose weight, dust the furniture  is not matched by the DESIRE to get the task done.  Sometimes all that is needed is to restate the task into language that really means something to the individual which then gives them the ability to find a clearer picture of what the successful outcome could mean to them.

Tools that are really useful for this include:

  • Setting specific goals
  • Setting a timeframe
  • Understanding the benefits of the outcome
  • Having a plan of attack
  • Having support available when it is needed
  • Calling on the right people at the right time if an expert is required

Its all about the focus people.. Finding what feels GOOD  and making it achievable so that motivation becomes much easier.

We all know people like this – – – what an accomplishment if you could be part of someone else’s success

Your comments would be welcomed!!!



Activity day strikes again – something completely different for most of the participants.  Thanks to the Antigua Boat Sheds and especially to Mark and Elliot for helping all of us.

It was great to have Liz’s son and husband with us and unfortunately some of our regular group had to work that day but what a fantastic day – sunny and bright-  for a paddle on the water – see below

 Rowing June 2014 Liz and Family - Rowing June 2014 All the Rowers - June 2014

The first challenge in the Team Challenge event of this year’s 20week Challenge was a 10km bike ride.  Our team, Team “Wekandoit” dusted off their cycles (or borrowed some) and enlisted the additional support of some of the great members from the

WIM  Women In Motion Fitness and Wellness centre in Hornby (Thanks again Karen, Steve, Casey and Pauline.

– they rode out to Lincoln (11km one way)  for a coffee and some fellowship before cycling back again (Yay for the extra points).

Considering that for some of them this was the first time on a bike since their school days, I was very impressed.  This part of the trail is a good ride and the best part of it is the safety factor as the trail is separate from the main road with cars and other vehicles wizzing by.

Congratulations once again to Team Wekandoit – check out the photos on

It takes real courage to tackle new things.

Its exciting to see the large number of people who have embarked on the Catch Fitness 20 Week Body and Lifestyle Competition run by the fabulous Broni McSweeney.  I’m glad to be a part of it once again this year with a team of WONDERFUL entrants.  This week has been full of Fitness Testing, Photographs and Physical Assessments.

Let me be the first to congratulate:

Pete                         Liz                      Catherine                             Siobhan

Jodie                       Penny               Philip                                     Danielle

You are all fantastic – watch this space for more challenges, Activities, updates etc

Copy of motivational poster

What a fabulous event – Taking place on Sunday!!

May I make a special commendation to all those runners/walkers and groups that I’ve seen out training – especially in all the blustry and wintery weather we’ve had recently.

This event is iconic in Christchurch and is an opportunity to stress the importance of health to your friends, workmates and relatives.  Its not just about completing one of the two distances (6KM or 14.5KM) it’s about enjoying the comraderie and encouraging others (including you) across the finish line.   YOUR TIME DOES NOT MATTER!!!!      FINISHING IS THE CHALLENGE.

Its still not too late to organise a group from your workplace, neighbourhood or community group to take part together.  Why not pack a picnic and enjoy the live entertainment in the park afterward, or you could take a stroll in the Ferrymead Historic Park.

I’ll be there – Hope to see you at the finish line


Officially as of today Summer is over – – gee that sounds awful

That doesn’t mean that all your hard work over the summer goes into cruise mode. Its important that, in order to maintain your gains, you continue with your current routine and make it a part of your everyday life.

Most people adopt a wide range of new “habits” while the weather is warm.  The minute the weather starts to change the old excuses start rearing their ugly heads and your ability to maintain the healthy changes starts to falter

  • Its too hard to get to the gym,
  • the weather is cold I need to warm up the house before the kids get home,
  • If I go home after work I don’t tend to leave again
  • I fell asleep on the couch
  • Its getting too dark ……..

There are organisational ways to overcome ALL of these problems and your trainer usually has a few great options for you.  How about taking 2 minutes to evaluate your progress and update your goals accordingly.

If you need some help to refocus, contact me

Know what???   It’s a whole new year – and you haven’t blown it yet!!!!

For most of my friends and clients that i’ve spoken to since New Year – the festive season has been celebrated with a focus on family, togetherness and relaxation.  Well isn’t that the real purpose for these holidays (religious discussions aside)

Its great to hear so many people have already taken a step toward their goals.  The ones that have been shared with me are varied.  Topics include:

  1. Financial situation improvement
  2. Cementing Family Relationships
  3. Growing new friendships
  4. New “top dollar” purchases (house, car, entertainment media etc)
  5. Saving for vacations outside of New Zealand
  6. Taking up study options to upskill or simply expand an interest  AND OF COURSE………


Even if 2013 was a health and fitness nightmare – ITS NOT TOO LATE TO START 

There are a plethora of health professionals out there that are ready to help but most people are put off by the sheer volume of information you need to wade through to choose.  I always recommend you make contact with your family doctor.  They know your health history and have a wide range of knowledge regarding setting you on the path.  Of course I would hope the ones in your area have a Personal Trainer on their call-sheet.

If you are looking at this blog then CONGRATULATIONS – what a great start!!!  If you are not sure what to do first please pop across to the Contact Us page and drop your details there.  I will contact you and we can discuss what should be your FIRST STEP.  

I wish you all the very best in your personal journey


Well it’s that time of year again….

Here are a few things to keep in mind over the festive season:

  1. Enjoy yourself:  Find time to relax and reconnect with friends and family.  Rejuvenation and de-stressing is extremely important to your overall wellbeing
  2. Don’t Sweat the Small things:  So you may have missed doing a few things – SO WHAT!!!! Let them go – its not life threatening and you will survive it.
  3. A Little at a time is great!!:  This goes for food as well as drink.  Choose a small plate and help yourself to a selection of the food on offer – why not try at least one new food.  Watch the size of your glass as well.  If you choose to drink alcohol – try a glass of water in between each alcoholic one.
  4. Include the Family:  If you are feeling a little heavy after your Christmas Dinner why not take the family for a walk to the local park and do a “lap” – or the adults can do the circuit of the park then exercise your triceps by pushing the children on the swings
  5. Silent Night!!!!:  As in number 1 – rest is really important – most of the year we race around at breakneck speed trying to fit in a whole range of activities (including our workouts and sports) Sleep is one of the best ways of recovering and re-energising our bodies – why not change into your “Jammies” when the kids do, tuck them into bed after a story and spend some quality time with your significant other.

I hope you all have a fantastic Christmas – Training is available during the festive season for those of you who cannot do without your Fitness Fix – you can contact me either through this website, email or on cellphone