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You’ve made the decision to improve your lifestyle. …

Its important to involve your friends and family by making them part of your journey.  Family can support the incremental changes you make along the way – helping you to make better diet choices, keeping track of your workouts ie: counting off your reps or running a timer for each exercise.                                           

Children love to be a part of things that interest their parents – get your children to run a “Star Chart” for your training just like you do for their homework or their chores.

The wonderful side-effect of this is that as you improve and your usual habits change your family can adopt some of your new choices and routines and by default they reap the benefits as well.

So your desire to make things better for your family can expand exponentially like a snowball rolling downhill growing as you gather momentum.



Are you eating healthy and still not losing weight???

Are you frustrated by the numbers on the scale not moving???

It could be that you are not eating enough or often enough or it may even be that you are having


Even fresh wholefoods or unprocessed items contain calories.  The only foods that you can eat large quantities of are green vegetables, especially if you want to lose weight and burn fat.

Try this for the next week:


How many times have you bought a pre-packaged “healthy snack”  because you are “on-the-go” and you eat the whole thing.  If you take a look at the nutrition information on the bag really may not be that fantastic.

Each packet/box or label contains a serving size. food labelImage result for pictures of food nutrition labels

A wise person once told me to divide what I bought into the appropriate number of servings,  put the rest away for later,  close the door to the cupboard / fridge / freezer etc to remove the temptation  THEN enjoy your snack.    Sounds like a lot of work but it only takes a moment and with practice you get better at knowing how much to eat.


Garlic is a potent superfood. Garlic has been used for thousands of years for treating various illnesses but one of its most legendary claims is to boost your immune system.

Introducing garlic to your diet can be as simple as sprinkling some garlic flakes onto your food. Try chopping some fresh garlic cloves into your stirfry or soups or make small cuts into your roasts and then cook them – the garlic flavour smells fantastic and spreads through the meat or chicken.

If you really feel the need garlic is also available in capsule form from Healthfood shops and supermarkets. This can be a real boost if you are feeling run down or feel colds or flu coming on.


A good warmup should be an integral part of any workout.

CLEAR YOUR MIND!!! Put everything aside for a few minutes. Think about what your goals for this workout are. Think about how you will feel when you reach the end of your workout – focussing on the outcome helps you to reach it.

Be patient and allow 7-10 minutes to warm up – this allows your blood vessels to open up and carry more oxygen to be carried around your body.
Start your workouts with low intensity cardiovascular activity (you are still able to talk comfortably)

If your heart rate increases too quickly you will find it hard to get into your workout – simply because your body was not prepared for the sudden increase in load that you are trying to put on it.

Think “Whole Body” Warm up all parts of your body (eg: Walk forwards and backwards, do lunges, side lunges, grapevines perhaps some step ups, press ups and torso twists)

More muscles will be “warmed up” than if you sat on a bike. Taking muscles through their range of motion before being placed under “load” also decreases the risk of injury


Image result for Happy exercisers

Most people start a new year with a collection of “improvements” they want to make to their lifestyle, such as regular exercise, stopping smoking, weight loss etc. All the best intentions and energy in the world usually mean a great start but at about 4 weeks into it the impetus wanes and suddenly the year is half over. Set up some steps to help you “Get There”

Get some Help! – Don’t try to struggle through alone, find someone who can take the journey with you / offer reputable advice / Talk to your family, friends and colleagues (this is a biggie)

Set a realistic timeline

Set goals at checkpoints along the way – make them SMART Goals

STAY POSITIVE – sometimes progress is difficult. A positive attitude and some timely support can help you “leap” the issues.

You will overcomeTo help you to achieve this join my

10 Week Challenge

a progressive way to make a solid start to your New Year – Register your interest now!!

Hi all….

I have been speaking to some of the gym users this week regarding their Christmas preparations.

It’s heartening to hear you say that exercise is something that:Christmas Bells

  • You do for your own health and wellbeing
  • You do to clear your mind
  • Is YOUR time and space – your haven
  • Gives you thinking time
  • Is part of your daily routine
  • Makes you feel mentally stimulated
  • Raises your feelings of accomplishment

How fantastic you can get all of that.

Christmas can be a time when pressures mount – your timetable’s are pushed and you rush around trying to achieve everything before Christmas Day descends upon you, along with your visitors, relatives and family members are “under foot” over the holiday period.  It can make you feel like there is no time to breathe.

Having a liferaft in place before the festivities rocket out of control means you can hang on to your sanity.  I have uploaded a workout on the Resources page.  It requires little or no equipment and can be done quickly at any time – I hope you enjoy it.  Don’t forget to check out our opening hours – we look forward to seeing you over the Christmas / New Year period


No one is invulnerable.  No one can cope with EVERYTHING. You are NOT ALONE.

Especially at this time of year pressure and stresses can feel like they are mounting.  Trying to get everything done in time for the Christmas and New Year Celebrations often sends people into a panic.  When relatives are due to arrive or keeping special arrangements for the kids secret so that they have a fantastic special day.  Sometimes even the financial stress – spending lots of money OR not having much money and feeling the pressure to provide, can cause people to focus more sharply on the success of their lives or  highlight feelings of failure.

I’m not trying to bring you down.  A person who was important to me passed away yesterday and leaves behind a family of loving people who “never saw this coming”.  The impact on them is profound.

YOU ARE NOT ALONE – One of the hardest things to do is to admit that you’ve hit a bump in the road and ASK FOR HELP.  It’s important that you don’t stop asking for help – KEEP ASKING UNTIL YOU FIND IT.  Sometimes help needs to come from an outside source and sometimes the love and understanding of friends and family can be enough to help you get through.  It doesn’t magically solve the problem overnight but with the right assistance there is hope and help.

Holding hands


From a personal perspective the most important part of ANY DAY OF THE YEAR is having my family and friends around me and taking any opportunity I have to make sure they know how important they are to me.  I have learnt to ask for help and it isn’t easy.  My thoughts go out to my friend’s loved ones at this time and I am looking forward to having my family and friends around to celebrate Christmas, catch up with the gossip and share the prospect of a wonderful coming year.

Lots of warm wishes to all of you

  1. Swap the overeating on five days for one day only
  2. Swap a plate full of food for tasting everything – 90% of the taste is experienced in the first mouthful.
  3. Set some small goals regarding your Christmas eating patterns and reward yourself for achieving them (no edible rewards – try something active – a walk in your favourite place or a game of 10-pin bowling
  4. Swap greasy hors d’oerves for fresh ones.  Try raw vegetables instead of sausage rolls, Goat’s cheese instead of Brie or Blue cheese, unroasted unsalted nuts instead of premixed salted varieties, toasted pita bread instead of potato crisps
  5. Try some Social Interaction – when you’re feeling drained or stressed – pick up the phone and arrange some catch up time with a friend – go for a walk in the park, a round of golf or catch up for coffee instead of reaching for the cheesecake, biscuits or muffins.
  6. Remember its summer – we don’t need a traditional heavy winter meal because we are lucky enough to be celebrating the summer and the heat.  Barbecued vegetables look fantastic and drizzled with olive oil and decorated with cucumber slices or lemon wedges are visibly inviting
  7. Don’t panic about eating everything in front of you – It’s not about waste or stuffing yourself silly its about sharing some quality time with your family and truly enjoying your meal – dish a smaller portion and eat at a relaxed pace while connecting with your loved ones
  8. Yes you CAN have that alcoholic treat but how about after every glass swap the next for water and use a smaller glass for your drinks




One of the most important things in life is to keep your reality fresh.

It’s a great way to challenge yourself – allow yourself to make progressive changes not only in your life path but also in your fitness journey.  Isn’t it wonderful how


Every time I have a workout I feel better about my abilities – Yes there’s the inevitable fatigue that goes along with it (and the muscle burn that lets you know you’re pushing yourself) but a good workout clears my head, warms up my muscles and revs up my resolve to attack the remainder of the day with gusto.

Last weekend I went to a training course in Queenstown run by Rehab Trainer Ulrik Larsen.  It was a single day of honing skills in detecting problematic movement patterns and considering how to approach the 5 main muscle imbalances that most clients suffer from.  It was a great confirmation of the work I am already doing and gave me some valuable tools to use in working with my clients.  A new perspective and a new approach – I came away feeling refreshed and re-energised.  Just like a good workout.Practitioner

Over the next while I will have a fresh look at clients during sessions to evaluate the methods we are currently using.

One of the hardest things to do is to begin something new.  Most people dislike changes in their established routines whether it be at work, with changes in the structure or performance criteria of a job description, or at home, with growing children who become teenagers or the introduction of a new member to the family routine.

It is important that you recognise the significance of the decision you have made to:

  • Take up Personal Training
  • Join a Gym
  • Join an exercise club – Hiking, Cycling, Running, Swimming
  • Take that extra walk with the dog

and so on.

Check out your local community and don’t be afraid to ask questions – there are lots of wonderful people that are prepared to help and support you.  Keep in mind that there are no stupid questions and, if you need to ask for an explanation, make sure you keep asking until you find someone who will give you the information you need.

If you are uncertain about how to take your first steps or how to set your first goals please CONTACT ME.

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