Personal Fitness LTD

Women In Motion Wellness Centre at 64 Carmen Road in Christchurch will close it’s doors for the final time – 23 October 2015.  It has been a valuable member of the local fitness community for the past 10 years and has been a home and a haven for a large number of women seeking to improve the quality of their lives and the lives of their families.

A special thanks and all my best wishes to Karen Eade and my co-worker Roxanne Flawn who have taken me in, broadened my horizons, expanded my knowledge base and have put up with me.  I do not know of two more motivated and amazing people – thank you ladies.

The atmosphere of the Centre was always about fun, hard work and had a sense of comraderie – members helping and supporting members, encouraging each other and sharing the experience together.  Many strong friendships have been made and nurtured during the years all under the watchful eyes of Karen and her staff.

It’s been my privilege to be the contract Trainer there and with the impending closure  and other personal reasons,  I will be relocating  to 3 Florida Street.  I will be establishing a small private studio which will have some opening hours for general workouts and will be the centre of my Personal Training sessions.

I intend to continue offering:

  • Men In Motion session – Mondays at 7pm  and the
  • Boxing Fitness Class – Wednesday 6pm

Other Sessions being considered at this point are:

  • Bootcamp/Outdoor Sessions
  • Pump class
  • Tabata class

Watch this space for further updates and developments once the studio is open.

Karen intends to run some group fitness classes at Halswell Community Hall and possibly some other sites around town – as I hear of them I will put them up on my events calendar – so if you are looking for a challenge/class or event hop over to check them out.